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 Acceleration data, Performer vs Performer RPM, 462
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Tribal Scout

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Posted - 02 Jan 2019 :  11:41:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi everyone this is my first post as a member of this site. I have owned my 79 T/A since 2003 when I dragged it out of a farm field, its come a long way since then. I've been a mechanic for many years, but until now I've never been a member of a forum. I am now a member of two pontiac forums and I posted this on both.

I built a 462 stroker from my 400, and first bolted on a Performer intake I got at a swap meet.

Engine- 462 eagle crank and rods. 9.3:1. 6X heads, CNC ported at SD. Summit 2802 cam, 1.65 roller rockers. Quadrajet I rebuilt after reading the book on them. HEI, 32 degrees advance all in at 2900 rpm.

Car- 79 trans am, tremec tko-500, factory 3.23 rear.

My research found conflicting claims of which intake is better for this engine, performer or performer RPM. So I decided to make the switch and collect data. I measured acceleration with a DRAGY GPS meter, if you don't know what it is, google it, its awesome. I made acceleration runs from 25-55 mph only, which is a single 2nd gear pull all the way to redline. This measures engine performance without worrying about shifting, traction, etc. All runs were done on the same road, weather conditions very similar. I made 5 runs each and took the average. Full fuel tank all runs. I made these tests as consistently as I could.

Performer intake was sent to SD performance and had it CNC port matched to my 6X heads which were also CNC ported at SD. I cut the plane divider under the secondaries .5 inch deep and blended smooth. Felpro 1233 gaskets. Water crossover separated and ports aligned.

Performer RPM intake I port matched myself at home by hand. Separated water crossover and aligned ports. Felpro 1233 gaskets.

For test 3, I cut the performer RPM plenum divider under the secondaries .5 inch deep and blended smooth, just like the other intake.


Test 1 (average of 5 runs) with CNC port matched and cut Performer intake-------- 2.974 seconds
Test 2 (average of 5 runs) with home port-matched performer RPM intake-----------2.811 seconds
Test 3 (average of 5 runs) performer RPM cut plenum divider under secondaries-----2.810 seconds

The RPM manifold provided a significant performance increase over the regular performer for my application. 25-55 is a short run, and I cut .164 seconds off. On a longer run for a 1/4 mile, this would be an even larger increase. Notice that cutting the plenum divider had basically no effect on performance, and I couldn't tell a difference driving either. I shift at 5100 rpm and this intake feels great. I would like to put it on a dyno and see where my max rpm is now.

Hopefully I will go to the track soon and post results.


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Posted - 02 Jan 2019 :  1:11:30 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cool ride! Interesting test with the Dragy. Have you tried a real time recording yet? IRC, that is one of the functions. I do not have one, they look cool!

Sounds like the RPM really put down the performer. The RPM is a hard intake to beat with good flowing heads on the street. Engine showed a nice response with the SD ported heads and the RPM. Very interesting on the divider testing, I do not remember seeing anyone test after they did that mod. Do you have a shaker hood with the dropped aircleaner to run the RPM, or no shaker? If no shaker a spacer test might be in order. Maybe see if there is anything left performance wise. Welcome to the forum, Happy New Year! Jay

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The Great White Buffalo

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Posted - 02 Jan 2019 :  1:40:22 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Great info and thanks for sharing. I won't use a Performer for anything more than a mild 350 or a low rpm/high torque 400. My experience has been that it is a good driver intake but my 400 engines would fall off noticeably above 4000-4500.

However, as much as I would like to use the RPM, it does not fit under the hoods of 2nd gen Birds without a modified shaker setup or aftermarket hood. So I have been using the HO intake and its a nice deal after the ports are reworked, aligned and matched.

Bowties are for Pee-wee Herman. LS swaps in Pontiacs should only apply to Fieros.

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Steve C.

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Posted - 02 Jan 2019 :  3:46:32 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Not apples-to-apples in any remote way but a tid bit for interest regarding a spacer on a Performer RPM intake....

Previous 4.210" stroke / 462
Performer RPM intake & HP950 Holley
Edelbrock heads (cleaned up)

First 4 engine dyno pulls after 'break-in' / No carb spacer..

555/556/558/573 HP at 5700/5800 rpm (36-37 degrees)
Peak Tq 573/572/576/583 (4200-4400 rpm )

Pull 5- Added 1/2" spacer...

589 Tq at 4400 (37 degrees)
580 hp at 5800 rpm

Pull 6- Added 1 inch spacer (same 37 degrees)....

586 4300/4400 rpm
580 hp at 5700

It will also vary much depending on the type of spacer used, with this testing a open spacer was used. Also if the divider is cut down as mentioned. Mine was cut down the half inch.


Edited by - Steve C. on 02 Jan 2019 3:48:20 PM
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Tribal Scout

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Posted - 02 Jan 2019 :  6:41:22 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To answer corncob-

I haven't used real-time recording yet. I am pretty impressed with the dragy so far. It has shown to be very accurate from people who take it with them to the racetrack. I especially like that you can enter in custom parameters to test, which is what I used for 25-55. Next time I go to the track I will bring it along to see how it compares to the track results.

My shaker is still attached to the carb, not bolted to the hood. I made my own drop base air cleaner for it. It isn't that difficult to do if you are a do-it-yourself type. I used a universal dropbase from summit, a pizza pan cut to fit inside of the shaker circle clamp, and a stainless mixing bowl cut down to hold a k&n xstream air lid. Plenty of clearance for hood actually a tad low if anything. Episode 27 of engine masters showed that carbs perform best when air is drawn straight-down through filter rather than in from the sides so that influenced my design. I might be able to squeeze a 1/2 inch spacer in there for a test, but I think it would be too tight to leave that way all the time.
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